Local Doctor Handles the Awkward Middle School Questions at Parkland School

Apr 22, 2022

Dr. Celina Moore spoke in front of a packed house at Somerset Parkland Academy.

PARKLAND, FL - Dr. Celina Moore is no stranger to awkward medical questions. As an experienced Pediatrician at West Boca Medical Center, Moore has had children of all ages and backgrounds visit her office and ask the most personal of questions. Additionally, Moore has spent significant chunks of time helping children and schools in Africa, so her reach as a doctor has also encountered children from other cultures.

Dr. Moore was recently invited to visit and share with the middle school students at Somerset Parkland Academy. This is Somerset Parkland's first year as a middle school, so the collection of students and interpersonal dynamics is brand new for the children.

Moore spoke to a packed cafeteria about how life changes as the students have moved from elementary school to middle school.

"Once the kids begin puberty, everything changes," says Moore. "Up until now, parents would pretty much make all the kids' decisions for them. From picking out their clothes, to what foods they'll eat, to who their friends are, it's all decided by the parents at the elementary age. That all begins to change in middle school."


Dr. Celina Moore of West Boca Medical Center speaks with students at Somerset Parkland Academy
Photo Credit: Jenna Neal

Some of the questions middle school students have about changes are awkward to ask, especially in public, so Dr. Moore passed out index cards for the children to write down any question they have. Moore then began to read the questions out loud and would address topics that are difficult for not just students, but even parents to handle.

"It's amazing what questions the students have and what they're dealing with at this age," says Moore. "Depression and anxiety are commonly wondered about by kids. The range of topics is broad, and having someone who comes in to talk to the kids from a medical perspective about what they're feeling can be really helpful."

Somerset Parkland Academy School Counselor Jenna Neal agrees.

"Being able to partner with West Boca Medical Center and having Dr. Moore speak with our students was an invaluable experience!" said Neal. "Our students were able to learn about a wide range of topics that affect middle schoolers and ask questions directly to Dr. Moore."

For more information about West Boca Medical Center Pediatrics or Somerset Parkland Academy , please visit them online.


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