At Good Samaritan Medical Center Outpatient Imaging, you receive great hospitality while you undergo any one of our imaging procedures. Whether you are here for an MRI or for a mammogram, you will experience discretion and compassion. We know how sensitive these sessions can be. After all, we’ve been patients, too.

Women's Imaging

Good Samaritan Outpatient Imaging and West Boca Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center are designed to meet the unique health care needs of women in one convenient, community-based location. Our imaging goal is to provide outstanding diagnostic imaging services, emotional comfort and time efficiency for women facing often stressful medical procedures through top-notch expertise and the most advanced medical equipment available.

Quality images and skilled, experienced physicians and staff to interpret them are cornerstones of excellent medical care. Imaging is a rapidly growing field of medicine that helps patients in new ways each day. New technologies may result in more accurate, earlier diagnoses and less invasive procedures. Outpatient Imaging offers a range of advanced imaging including:

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