Stop the Spread

Our Palm Beach Health Network hospitals are open, safe and ready to care for you. The policies and standards we have implemented are working. We have safe and separate processes for covid and non-covid patients. Our staff are consistently trained on the latest recommendations and procedures.

Stop the Spread!

What Can You Do?

As we see the number of COVID cases start to rise in our community, it is imperative to stress the importance of personal accountability. It is incumbent upon all of us to social distance, to wear a mask, to wash our hands and to practice good judgment. Stopping the spread of the virus is everyone’s responsibility.

Get Vaccinated! Stop the Spread!


As your trusted healthcare provider, we are here to help. Please join us in stopping the spread of COVID in your community by taking these simple steps:


Wash your hands often – for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer.


Use a facemask at all times.


If you think you may have been exposed, self-quarantine away from others.


Avoid crowded places. Maintain a 6 foot distance between you and the next person


Avoid shaking hands and touching your face – mouth, nose and eyes


Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

Do you have Symptoms of COVID?

  • If you are having symptoms and concerned that you may have covid, contact your physician right away or contact Palm Beach County’s COVID-19 Call Center–available 24/7 at (866) 779-6121 or email [email protected].
  • It is also critical to emphasize the importance of not delaying care. If you are in pain, contact your physician right away. If this is an emergency condition, call 911 or visit the ER. Your local EMS providers are trained in caring for you and they are ready. Neglecting the care that you need could result in your condition deteriorating further.
  • For further tips on how you can stay healthy, and to hear more about all of the safety protocols we have in place in the Palm Beach Health Network, please visit our websites below or check out our Facebook pages.